An immersive exhibition through the imagination of Benjamin Lacombe.

May 27, 2023 - November 26, 2023

After the great success of the latest exhibitions, Botteghe di Tokyo e Fantasmi & Spiriti del Giappone, which attracted more than 200,000 visitors who were also lovers of Japanese art and culture, TENOHA MILANO and L'Ippocampo Edizioni have created a new sensorial and immersive exhibition: Stories of Women Samurai.


Inspired by the latest book by Benjamin Lacombe with texts by Sébastien Perez, published in Italy by L'ippocampo Edizioni scheduled to be released in May 2023, "Stories of Women Samurai" will transport visitors to ancient Japan amid battles, arrows and demons. Through a multi-sensory journey, the world of noble samurai will be discovered from the untold viewpoint of formidable female warriors.  Women ready for any sacrifice, relentless leaders determined to wield their power with pride and weapons to change their destiny.

The exhibition, enriched by the illustrations of the French artist, will depict the stories of the onna-bugeisha (women samurai) who later became icons of hope such as the famous Tomoe Gozen known for her skill in archery, or the sisters Miyagino and Shinobu who learned martial arts to avenge the killing of their father.

Not only these two women samurais, but many others have had significance in Japanese history and culture, without ever being recognized or mentioned enough over time. Now is the time to uncover and value these untold stories.

To meet these women, visit the exhibition developed in an ​​1,100 square meter space where a Japanese temple with a Zen garden is recreated, and where tradition meets technological innovation through multi-sensory rooms with various animations, audio and essences.
The exhibition will begin on May 27th and will remain open until November 26th 2023 at the TENOHA MILANO exhibition space, the first Japanese concept store in Europe, located in the heart of Milan.


With this new project, TENOHA MILANO aims at immersive entertainment with its TENOHA Exhibition section. The exhibition aim is to convey Japanese culture with its many facets through initiatives and projects on the woman samurai theme, which has always been fascinating and mysterious thanks to its thousand-year-old history and traditions, meeting technology and innovation of the present day.


From 27 May
to 26 November 2023