Benjamin Lacombe's new book.
Texts by Sébastien Perez 

In bookstores from May 2023
The historical figure of the samurai is now an integral part of the collective imagination.
We know its businesses, art and code of conduct, taking it as a model of nobility and fortitude.

Much less known to the general public is the female counterpart of this group of formidable warriors: women devoted to their cause and ready to make any sacrifice in order to win, implacable leaders determined to exercise their power with pride or with weapons.

In May, the exploits of these valiant women are imprinted on paper. Stories ranging from antiquity to the present day, enclosed in "Stories of samurai women", a valuable volume wonderfully illustrated by the artist Benjamin Lacombe and told by the evocative texts of Sébastien Perez.

After "Ghost stories of Japan" and "Spirits and creatures of Japan", "Stories of samurai women" is the new chapter of a journey that Benjamin Lacombe faces in telling the multifaceted world of folklore, traditions and history of Japan. After the journey into the supernatural world of yokai, now is the time to awaken the true deeds of great warriors of the Japanese past, which history has too often seen little mention and tell. A journey through time, a distant and fascinating culture, to discover who changed the course of history.


On the occasion of the exhibition, with Ippocampo Edizioni we have created a special edition of the book Stories of samurai women which includes a signed limited edition print and a red bookmark . The "special exhibition edition" book will be available from May 23 only in the TENOHA store and online.

Come and visit this immersive exhibition and make sure you don't miss out on this precious edition.