Benjamin Lacombe



Benjamin Lacombe, French author and illustrator born in Paris on July 12th 1982, is one of the most representative names of the new French illustration.
In 2001 he entered the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD), where he underwent artistic training.

In parallel with his studies, he works in advertising and animation; he also signed his first comic book and several other illustrated books at the age of 19.

In addition, Benjamin Lacombe has written and illustrated around thirty works with sales in excess of 3 million copies, some of which have been printed and translated into a dozen languages ​​worldwide.

His well-known works include "The Fairy Herbarium", "Tales of the Macabre", "Alice in Wonderland", "Best Mother in the World", "Ghost Stories from Japan" and "Frida".

His work is exhibited regularly at prestigious museums and galleries, including the Victor Hugo House (Paris, France), the Château de Versailles (France), the ABC Museum (Madrid, Spain), the Musée de La Maison D'Ailleurs ( Yverdon, Switzerland), Palazzo Ducale de Lucas (Italy), Ad Hoc Art (New York, USA), Dorothy Circus (Rome, Italy), Biwako Biennial (Japan), Maruzen (Tokyo, Japan), Nucleus (Los Angeles , USA) and at the Daniel Maghen gallery in Paris.

Benjamin lives and works in Paris with his dogs Edward and Lisbeth, who often sneak into his illustrations.





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